The Icelandic hymn

I think I need to change this a bit — the version I’m doing now is … well, too much for the first variation. I need a simpler version for the first, to state the theme before I start messing with it too much. And this chorded version is too much messing around.

ETA: Okay, so I’ve pretty much done the simpler initial version. I think I’ll put the chorded version in as a third variation, and just leave it there for those harpists who can manage it.



The pedals in part I get much more irritating. There are more chords since I’m doing an interleaved 16th-note chords thing, and that means that I have to fill in some pixels that I didn’t have to worry about when the thing was at a much lower resolution. Eek.

This one’s going to be more involved, and here I thought I had done the hard part already.

ETA: Okay, not too much more involved, just an A# that shows up partway through. After that, I think it’s pretty much pedaled the same way as the other variations.

I’m done.

DeSantis. His name is DeSantis. That’s an Abruzzese name, and people with names like that were lynched in the late 1800s in the deep south:

GOP nominee exposed as moderator of racist Facebook page

I think this is actually the best definition of “white privilege,” a term that I’ve seen used a million times and defined maybe twice and not consistently. But I think this is the definition: when you can either forget your ancestors didn’t have it, or learn that they didn’t and subsequently use that lack as an excuse to claim it for yourself and deny it to others. “White privilege” is a form of cultural retrograde amnesia.

The More You Know …

Did you know that when you cowboy-yell in great joy while sitting at a harp, it yells back at you?

Both of those payments campaign payments were made to keep two women quiet during the campaign, Khuzami said, noting that Cohen was “repaid at the direction of the candidate.”

And in other news, things aren’t looking good for Mr. “I Paid Fifteen Grand for a Members Only Jacket Made from a Giant Bird,” either.